Who We Are

ABout Us

Yes She Can Plumbing is a locally owned and operated plumbing company in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.  Powered by strong knowledgable woman who specialize in residential and commercial plumbing and gasfitting. 

We’re confident that, given opportunity, our team will quickly impress you with their industry expertise and passion to get the job done.


While working service I had many clients tell me their horrible experiences with other service technicians. How they didn’t clean up after themselves. How they were completely ignored when they asked what was going on. How they didn’t feel respected. I didn’t understand this. A service tech is not just there to fix the problem, they are there also there to put your mind at ease. To help you understand what needs to be done.

When I started this business, I made it my goal to make every client feel comfortable while still delivering an exceptional product.


Meet the owner

Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie, Owner of Yes She Can Plumbing.

I started in trades as a pipefitter in 2005, then moved to plumbing and gasfitting later in my career.

I can honestly say I LOVE my job! It’s truly fulfilling to go into someones home – someone who is not having the best day – and help! The problem solving and puzzles that come with plumbing are one of my favorite things in life.

Everyone is built for something and this is it for me!

Let me know how I can make YOUR day better!

Meet our social media producer

Natasha is a multi-skilled girl. Not only does she handle our Instagram and Facebook page. She has an amazing talent for photography. But she’s not all arts, she’s mechanically inclined to boot. She holds herself to a high standard and wont accept anything but the best.

What our customers say

“YSC is who I’ll be calling from now on. As a single mom, its important to feel at ease with the person coming into my home to do repairs. Stephanie is that person for me! And I just LOVE that shes rocking it in a male dominated industry.”

-Anita Boone-Roopnarine


“Stephanie is friendly, knowledgeable and understanding, this made for a great experience when she added a gas line in our home for our Dryer. She explained the process, provided options, and answered my questions in an empowering way, instead of making me feel awful for asking. Thanks so much for everything, we really appreciate your hard work.”

-Corrine Thain


“Excellent service with a friendly smile. She was even a trooper about crawling under my house trailer. “

-Sheri Tourangeau


“YSC was fast, efficient, and promptly addressed the plumbing concerns in my condo. With reasonable and affordable pricing, alongside Steph professional and friendly manner, it was an enjoyable experience and she has quickly gained my trust! You have my referral! 100%”

Kyla Rutley


“My fireplace is working and Steph did a fantastic job! Super quick and professional, I’ll be recommending her to all my friends.”

-Sue-Anne Hennessay


“I can’t thank you enough for being so quick, thorough and professional, in less than ideal conditions. You are a lifesaver!”

-Camille Prokopiuk


“Stephanie is very knowledgeable, friendly. I highly recommend her on any plumbing project.”

-Dale Mart


“Bailed us out of a sh**ty situation last night. Quite some time ago there was a post about whether community members (especially women) would feel more comfortable having a female tradesperson. I was one who had said yes. I’m very glad that post existed because it ended up being quite late a night. Thanks again!”

-Carmen Venner


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